Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blog Post 2

1. Video: Mr. Dancealot

The video was profoundly entertaining all the while educational as well. I believe the central idea of the video is to prove without proper alignment of teaching skills, lecture tactics, attention to details, and observation of the class being taught, it is impossible to properly teach a class. Also, a key factor in the movie was to illustrate the severe need to comprehending and adjusting to the courses qualities, i.e. a dance class should not be lecture based without any hands on activities to show the steps, routines learned and taught. The author of Mr. Dancealot's video made the point clear at the end of the video thoroughly clear when the students had to demonstrate the dance moves they'd been lectured upon, but were not able to due to no in class participation/practice. I completely agree with the author of the visit in regards to teach according to the specific needs and details of the class.

2. Video: Teaching in the 21st Century by Kevin Roberts

"Teachers are no longer the main source of knowledge; We are the Filter", a particular favorite quote of mine noted in the video, spoke volumes. This particular point is very true! Technology has evolved, information is available and can be available to any and everyone at any given time resulting in the truth: " Teachers are not the only primary source of knowledge; information. Embracing this factual concept, I will strive to be the correct filter of resourceful information for my students as well as myself. As technology has and is continuing to evolve, so will my resourcefulness at being a qualified educator.

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3. Video: The Networked Student by Wandy Drexter

This video,directed towards Connectivism, spread the networked student and the course of learning. However, while the "networked student" is a means to learning, the standard qualifications of a teacher are needed. In order to properly gain success with hands on activities, learning skills, assessments, growth is also developing allowing to prepare a more well rounded individual for future success. Even though the concept is based on the idea of students being self taught, a teachers guidance is still needed to help direct the student in the right path of learning.

4. Video: Harness your Students Digital Smarts by Vicki Davis

Davis' video encourages the art of teaching through technology by not only the benefit of herself, the teacher, but also students. This video is focused towards the understanding of allowing teachers to teach, but also striving for students to embrace the idea that they themselves can be their own teachers with little help from her, the author or teacher, if desirable.

5. Video: Who is Ahead in the Learning Race

Bravo! This video is extremely remarkable. Without and hesitation, elementary aged children ages ahead in the learning race. Elementary schools are technologically advanced as the growth of technology has caused for younger children to learn more advancidly. I, a sophomore at the University of South Alabama, have recently learned about Google Docs, Mac and even blogs more recently, whereas elementary aged children have already become familiarized with the technological changes.

6. Video: Bringing the Locker Room Into the Classroom

This video provided outstanding insight into helping develop certain tactics; problem-based learning, student-to-student coaching as examples, to showcase how students can indeed learn from one another.  Also, from thinking and having discussions of topics instead of listening to either a lecture from a professor/ teacher - being the more experienced to teach, students learn diversely and become rounded in the learning through one another by the guidance of the instructor.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blog Post 1

What About EDM310?

I have not heard much of the course due to a limited selection of students required to take the course. However, I have heard terrible descriptions about the class from upper class men who were either speakers, representatives, or friends of friends with the same major as I. Thus far I have only been aware of the consumption of  time the course requires as well as the overload of work. I am not quite sure of the truth of some accusations, however judging the first week, I can relate and agree with the many hours of attention needed for the course. I also have heard of many great opportunities as well, from those same students who embraced the course. 

Thus far, the course is inspirational as well as providing hands on experience with not only an advancing technological world, but also developing skills that will help better individuals in the Education field, and other majors. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Practice Blog

1. Who am I?

  • Personal Information
  • Where I have lived.
  • Family Information.
2. Why do I want to be an educator?
  • Personal Opinion.
  • Views/Roll of an educator.
3. What are my passions?
  • Interests
  • Aspirations

I am Mattie C. Guidroz, a Sophomore attending the University of South Alabama majoring in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science. I have lived only in areas of MS ranging from the Mississippi Delta (Indianola, MS) to Jackson, MS and lastly residing in Gulfport, MS before my attendance to USA. My arrival to the University of South Alabama, or decision to attend this particular institute was due to my non-acceptance into the United States Army for allergy reasons. USA obtained all of my personal information and my registration was successfully complete unlike my acceptance and registration status at other institutes I applied. Also, I am the first member of my immediate family to attend a college institute in the ambitious desire to obtain a degree. My grandmother, Mattie Warren, is the closest immediate, biological family member I have followed by my adoptive guardians. 

I do not quite know the reasons for choice to be an  educator, however I am very well aware of my desires to maintain a healthy and fit life as well as teaching others the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle all the while doing so myself- "preaching what I am teaching". I am not quite sure of the work educators are entailed upon, but I believe the responsibility for not only the mental but the stable, physical growth of younger generations is an important job in itself. An educators role is simple that, to educate without failure and reach every student, peer, listener; anyone who is desirable to be taught, the basic and necessary values, goals, information, successful tracks of life and build future successors. An educators job is never done and it is his/her responsibility to be held accountable for the growth themselves and his/her success but as well as those being taught.

My grandmother, is my passion in this life. I have obtained the responsibility of succeeding not only for myself but her as well. She is an  important person in my life who not only needs me but believes in me more than I in myself at times. The values of life, family, love and many other values are the reasons I smile on a constant basis, try to live everyday as if it were my last and be the a respectable young woman she taught me to be. My true passion, is overall, love. Without the teachings of my grandmother, I would not know the importance of having individuals in my life and appreciating their blessings just through presence and personal value of others. These teachings have helped me to smile, which I absolutely love to do and enjoy the most spontaneous moments of life. My grandmother is my inspiration, and she has taught me passion which is life, love, and embracing those closest to us.